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2019-03-07 0 By niuroutang

Do you know how to see a doctor?

It is not easy to see a doctor, but if you know the basics of getting medical treatment, you can make the time of the clinic less effective. We have integrated the recommendations of hospital administrators, clinicians and outpatient directors in more than a dozen well-known top three hospitals in China, summarizing the tips for seeing a doctor!


First, find the right doctor

1, the first time to see a doctor

The first is to choose a hospital. It is recommended that patients with unclear conditions prefer an authoritative general hospital, rather than a specialist hospital. The former covers a wider range of diseases, and if necessary, they refer patients to specialist hospitals.

2, How to know good doctor or not

The so-called famous doctor, of course, refers to a famous doctor, but a famous name does not mean that there is a true skill. Seeing a doctor is different from chasing a star. Some famous doctors rely on self-promotion, and with the subjective evaluation in the society, the fame is getting bigger and bigger; some famous doctors are good at dealing with the media, leaders and people from all walks of life, and they are most easily praised …