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The impact of dancing on health

The World Health Organization once called the dance “the best sport in the world.”


The Queen’s University of Belfast study found that dancing helps longevity. Dance makes the old people often together, enhance mutual understanding and communication, reduce the loneliness of the old people, let them realize that they have not been abandoned by the society, and at the same time reduce the pain caused by aging.

1 cardiopulmonary

Long-term adherence to dancing can enhance lung capacity, strengthen heart reserve, increase body resistance, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

2 balance well

A study by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil found that the elderly jumped for three months of ballroom dancing. The balance of the balance could be improved by 50% every three and a half hours a week, and the risk of falling was significantly reduced. The fracture has a significant effect.

3 flexible

Dancing can improve the flexibility of the human body. The large movement can fully stretch all parts of the body, increase the flexibility of muscles and joints, and enhance flexibility and coordination. Good flexibility reduces the probability of sports injuries.…

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How to improve the soft skills of nursing

With the change of the medical model, society’s requirements for medical personnel are gradually improved. The soft nursing skills are the personal intrinsic quality and interpersonal skills and management skills that promote the professional knowledge and skills in the nursing work, that is, personal skills and The concept of combining social skills with nursing professional skills. With the development of quality nursing, the nursing soft skills such as intelligence, emotional intelligence, humanistic quality, and interpersonal communication skills of nursing staff are also highly concerned. Applying soft nursing skills cannot neglect the improvement of nursing quality and satisfaction of service targets, even Some scholars have suggested that in nursing work, it is soft skills rather than technical ability to determine job performance. So what can we do in our daily work to improve the soft skills of nursing to improve the quality of care?

From the nurses themselves, they can improve their overall quality by strengthening their learning, becoming a modern caregiver who cares for patients, is careful, has a strong anti-frustration ability and strong communication skills. It can be based on service awareness, professional etiquette and communication skills. Learn the soft skills of the nursing staff:
Service awareness
As the …

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How to effectively lose weight?

When we go to search for the principle of weight loss, you will search for theories such as calorie gap, low GI, small meals, insulin, low carbon water and so on. For effective weight loss, the most effective theory that has been verified by countless studies is the heat gap theory. No other theory can exceed the heat gap (ie, we say CICO theory), low GI, eat fewer meals, low carbon water. Help you to add icing on the fat, but the premise is to do a good job of the heat gap, these will make sense.

What is the heat gap? That is when you consume fewer calories per day than you consume (basal metabolism + daily activities + exercise + food heat effects). This is the heat gap we are talking about. When there is a heat gap, the body will break down some of its own things to fill the heat gap. What is this thing? This decomposition may be lean body mass or fat. So how do we guarantee that we are losing fat but not losing weight? Please see the following three points

The first point: First of all, for obese people, in most cases, …

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Do you know how to see a doctor?

It is not easy to see a doctor, but if you know the basics of getting medical treatment, you can make the time of the clinic less effective. We have integrated the recommendations of hospital administrators, clinicians and outpatient directors in more than a dozen well-known top three hospitals in China, summarizing the tips for seeing a doctor!


First, find the right doctor

1, the first time to see a doctor

The first is to choose a hospital. It is recommended that patients with unclear conditions prefer an authoritative general hospital, rather than a specialist hospital. The former covers a wider range of diseases, and if necessary, they refer patients to specialist hospitals.

2, How to know good doctor or not

The so-called famous doctor, of course, refers to a famous doctor, but a famous name does not mean that there is a true skill. Seeing a doctor is different from chasing a star. Some famous doctors rely on self-promotion, and with the subjective evaluation in the society, the fame is getting bigger and bigger; some famous doctors are good at dealing with the media, leaders and people from all walks of life, and they are most easily praised …

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The caregiver is the listener of the patient’s voice

The communication between nurses and patients is not only the process of information exchange between nurses and patients or their families but also the main form of interaction with them. Promoting and cultivating the communication skills of nursing staff can help to improve bad emotions, improve the quality of care communication, and improve the quality of care.

Yesterday was the International Nurses Day. Nurses are often referred to as “white angels”. They not only help patients recover, but also give patients appropriate psychological counseling. In an interview with Xinhuanet, Qi Huiyan, head nurse of the Center for Reproductive and Genetic Medicine of Peking University First Hospital, said that compared with other departments, patients seeking assisted reproductive assistance have their own particularities. “They often have a lot of psychological stress and are accompanied by negative emotions such as anxiety and depression.”

According to the International Law on Nursing Ethics in 1965, the only task for nurses is to help patients recover their health and help healthy people improve their health. The 1973 International Code of Ethics for Nurses first stipulated that the basic tasks of nurses have four aspects: promoting health, preventing disease, restoring health, and alleviating pain. According to modern …

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Talking about the promotion and cultivation of communication skills of nursing staff

Effective communication is of great importance to the care of the nursing staff. Effective communication can enable patients to better cope with the nursing staff’s nursing work, increase mutual understanding between nursing staff and patients, improve compliance with nursing staff, enable patients to trust nursing staff, increase nursing job satisfaction, and improve Better interpersonal relationships between nurses and patients, reducing conflicts between each other. Good communication can also improve the quality of care work. Therefore, some common communication skills are very important for the nursing staff, and it is necessary to cultivate good communication skills for the nursing staff.

  • Definition of communication

Communication refers to the process of exchanging information and understanding each other between people or between two groups through certain information carriers such as voice, text, pictures, videos, etc. The process of communication mainly occurs between people, between the top and bottom of the organization, and between other groups. There are various forms of information exchanged between these information communicators, such as language information, expression information, action information, opinion information, attitude information, and through information.

  • The importance of communication in nursing work

Everyone in the real world wants to be respected by others. It is a popular person …