Month: April 2019

2019-04-12 0 By niuroutang

How to improve the soft skills of nursing

With the change of the medical model, society’s requirements for medical personnel are gradually improved. The soft nursing skills are the personal intrinsic quality and interpersonal skills and management skills that promote the professional knowledge and skills in the nursing work, that is, personal skills and The concept of combining social skills with nursing professional skills. With the development of quality nursing, the nursing soft skills such as intelligence, emotional intelligence, humanistic quality, and interpersonal communication skills of nursing staff are also highly concerned. Applying soft nursing skills cannot neglect the improvement of nursing quality and satisfaction of service targets, even Some scholars have suggested that in nursing work, it is soft skills rather than technical ability to determine job performance. So what can we do in our daily work to improve the soft skills of nursing to improve the quality of care?

From the nurses themselves, they can improve their overall quality by strengthening their learning, becoming a modern caregiver who cares for patients, is careful, has a strong anti-frustration ability and strong communication skills. It can be based on service awareness, professional etiquette and communication skills. Learn the soft skills of the nursing staff:
Service awareness
As the …